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Universal dictionary

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used or understood by all: a universal language. present everywhere: the universal calm of southern seas. of or relating to the universe, all nature, or all existing things: universal cause. characterizing all or most members of a class; generic. Logic. (of a proposition) asserted of every member of a class. Universal chuck - Universal affirmative - Universal coupling - Concrete universal. Definition of universal - relating to or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group; applicable to all cases. 3 days ago 2 a: present or occurring everywhere. b: existent or operative everywhere or under all conditions. universal cultural patterns.

Henry Cecil Wyld produced his Universal Dictionary of the English Language ( ), admirable in every way except for its social class elitism. The smaller- sized. A SNAZZY APP having free off-line and on-line multi language "UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY" with options to save on-line searched words in off-line dictionary. universal. Universal describes something for everything or everyone. The uni in universal means "one" so this word is all about "one for all and all for one." If it's universal, it applies to all cases. Like the universe itself, a universal emotion is one that every human can understand or relate to.

The definition of universal is relating to or affecting all. An example of universal used as an adjective is a universal curfew for a town which means that all. Universal Dictionary of the English Language in 4 Volumes Complete [Robert & Morris, Prof Charles Hunter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Universal Dictionary - Universal dictionary: available in multiple language with modular Language Pack. Freeware for non profit and educational purpose. Cecil Wyld A dictionary that is not either or a monster has long been needed, to bridge the gulf between: the standard Oxford Dictionary and the more . 28 May Attractions at universal Orlando Shrek - simulator. Minions - simulator. Race through New York - simulator. The 3 Harry Potter rides - simulators.


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